Logan Paul VS KSI Training Battle (who will win the fight ?) **newest footage**


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  • Nawaf Almansouri
    Nawaf Almansouri  2 weeks back

    Ksi is Better training

    • A V
      A V  1 months back

      Ksi won everyone

      • Yamuna.p Andugodag
        Yamuna.p Andugodag  2 months back


        • Mikhael her
          Mikhael her  2 months back

          Who here after ksi wins?

          • Cameron Carter
            Cameron Carter  2 months back

            KSI train's like shit

            • Spiros Pa
              Spiros Pa  4 weeks back

              He still won tho 😂

          • OnlineHail
            OnlineHail  2 months back


            • Mike Oxlong
              Mike Oxlong  2 months back

              Logan doesn’t look bad actually he actually looks faster than Ksi

              • Pavan Nair
                Pavan Nair  2 months back

                @Mike Oxlong its only 6 rounds the fight.

              • Mike Oxlong
                Mike Oxlong  2 months back

                Pavan Nair yeah hopefully the fight lasts more than 6 rounds tho

              • Pavan Nair
                Pavan Nair  2 months back

                @Mike Oxlong fair enough. He may be able to keep up 6 rounds but its not as easy as you think to build up stamina. If logan wanted good stamina he need to cut down on the muscle. If anything hes built up on the muslce

              • Mike Oxlong
                Mike Oxlong  2 months back

                Plus never said that ksi didn’t have more stamina just said that Logan may have enough to keep up

              • Pavan Nair
                Pavan Nair  2 months back

                @Mike Oxlong for example conor McGregor has a stamina issue because like logan he has too much high twitched muscle fibre which will gass him out in the later rounds. He starts of strong in the first rounds and then he tries out in the later rounds, because having too much muscle wont be able to metabolize oxygen. And conors been working on his stamina for like 3 years but its still not good because it's a genetic thing.

            • Jamila Khatun
              Jamila Khatun  3 months back

              Ksi will destroy him

              • Gerald Ashbourne
                Gerald Ashbourne  3 months back

                KSI ABBS💪🤛 Logan Paul’s oh wait their so weak I can’t see them

                • Pavan Nair
                  Pavan Nair  2 months back

                  @AwX x Aircon we will see. You seem very ignorant. It's a fight anything can happen and they've both been working very hard

                • AwX x Aircon
                  AwX x Aircon  3 months back

                  Gerald Ashbourne KSI wont win lah he train also will lose

              • Matt From Wii
                Matt From Wii  3 months back

                I dont care who wins , because the winner is going up against me

                • Santos S
                  Santos S  3 months back

                  Stop watching these cunts and start watching real boxers that have dedicated all of their lives to this sport and working harder than them

                  Pd: It’s even better boxing than this

                  • Pavan Nair
                    Pavan Nair  2 months back

                    @Santos S these 2 youtubers have worked their balls off to fight in front of the whole world. They dont even have to do this they've got alot of money yet they still decide to do this. AJ and wilder wont get in the ring when they're professional but these youtubers would. At the end of the day you have to give them credit coz you're just a hater, and if you keep on hating then bitch you're a fan. So deal with it.

                  • Santos S
                    Santos S  2 months back

                    Pavan Nair to tell the truth to others and start watching good stuff and athletes working hard and not getting more credits than these

                  • Pavan Nair
                    Pavan Nair  2 months back

                    Then why are you watching it?

                • Santos S
                  Santos S  3 months back

                  Bro, normal people at my gym are better then them

                  • Aidan De La Cruz
                    Aidan De La Cruz  3 months back

                    ksi is thrash

                    • AUSSIE MEG'S CHANNEL. 2019

                      As much as im rooting for LG, and i dont think much of ksi. I have a feeling ksi may win the fight.

                      • Lucy Nuffink
                        Lucy Nuffink  3 months back


                        • Lol Lol
                          Lol Lol  3 months back

                          Idk why I’m watching this but 1:20 is not Logan there’s ton of technique in those punches that Logan doesn’t have

                          • Hack You
                            Hack You  3 months back

                            Lol Lol Who is it?

                        • Jollos Emios
                          Jollos Emios  3 months back

                          I'm disappointed that when KSI lifted those weights, he didnt lose footing and fall off the stair case😁

                          • Damian Aranda
                            Damian Aranda  3 months back

                            Who is here in October? Lmao both are way better now

                            • DUSKY TUBE
                              DUSKY TUBE  3 months back

                              Make New One

                              • Isac Lindkvist Ös8c
                                Isac Lindkvist Ös8c  3 months back


                                • DPC
                                  DPC  3 months back

                                  Love the training videos..looking all proffessional..but once they are in the ring they flail about like girls in a playground.

                                  • Larry Moorehouse
                                    Larry Moorehouse  3 months back

                                    Pull as much logs as you want logan jj dropping you

                                    • TooMuchWithIt
                                      TooMuchWithIt  3 months back

                                      Oh boy I wonder who’s gonna win

                                    • H- Dizzle
                                      H- Dizzle  3 months back

                                      Can we share our condolences by tying “R I P”

                                      • Patrick Heffernan
                                        Patrick Heffernan  3 months back

                                        you win by far

                                        • arno Hauder
                                          arno Hauder  3 months back

                                          Ksi has no chance

                                          • BN. TK
                                            BN. TK  4 months back

                                            Me thinking this was after the draw and then see ksis shit black hair

                                            • Black shadow Vortex
                                              Black shadow Vortex  4 months back

                                              I love how they both claim to be pros but never actuallyfought anyone else to get to pros

                                              • Hilo BestClips
                                                Hilo BestClips  4 months back

                                                Lol this youtuber is 8 year old who says newest footage when its latest footage

                                                • Big Daddy
                                                  Big Daddy  4 months back

                                                  Like for Logan
                                                  Reply and say ksi

                                                • Ifan Hayton
                                                  Ifan Hayton  4 months back

                                                  That was from the LAST fight.

                                                • Abb juice Husseinivlogs
                                                  Abb juice Husseinivlogs  4 months back


                                                  • OLCD Cheese
                                                    OLCD Cheese  4 months back

                                                    This is literally footage of their training of the first fight.. dumb asf

                                                    • Random person.
                                                      Random person.  4 months back

                                                      if u literally train speed,precision and strength, you would HIT LIKE A LIGHTNING BOLT!

                                                      • KMY DA BEST
                                                        KMY DA BEST  4 months back

                                                        Ksi has USA on his shirt

                                                        • Carlos Hernandez
                                                          Carlos Hernandez  4 months back

                                                          Hate this guy he’s a Logan Paul fan this guy or girl who made this video

                                                          • Pu Reh
                                                            Pu Reh  4 months back

                                                            Whos watching in 2019

                                                            • Yagi
                                                              Yagi  4 months back

                                                              Logan is a bigger dude but im sure ksi is faster

                                                              • Raina Vaqas
                                                                Raina Vaqas  4 months back


                                                                • Andres GamerYT
                                                                  Andres GamerYT  4 months back

                                                                  Fuck KSI

                                                                  • FBI.
                                                                    FBI.  4 months back

                                                                    Andres GamerYT Logan Paul fanboy.

                                                                • Jariatu Bangura
                                                                  Jariatu Bangura  4 months back

                                                                  I do boxing

                                                                  • Nobody 20000
                                                                    Nobody 20000  4 months back


                                                                    • gg ty brody
                                                                      gg ty brody  4 months back

                                                                      KSI FUCK LOGAN

                                                                      • Naim Valencia
                                                                        Naim Valencia  4 months back

                                                                        I have some thoughts so here me out 👌🏼
                                                                        I think the first fight was a draw. If you watch it, score it round by round, and actually know what to look for (you’re actually a fan of boxing and not just someone who watches the fight because they’re famous and want a KO or a winner) then The fight can easily be seen as a draw.
                                                                        This second time around it’s a little more risky. if you follow JJ then you know he’s been “bulking” since the fight happened lol. And he has a lot of catching up to do. Logan has basically been in shape the entire year since the first fight, and has been training, fighting, and learning. Now obviously KSI has done the same but it just hasn’t been as publicly shown as Logan.
                                                                        I think if KSI wants to win, he does need to come in strong early. Logan has stamina problems, and although it’s been a year, even pro boxers have stamina issues their whole careers going into the later rounds. So if KSI starts off strong, and ends strong in 6 rounds, using his jab, landing the left hook and straight right, and hits the body early, he can win.
                                                                        Now on the other hand, Logan can win too. Logan’s plan of attack should be to put pressure on KSI early too. He has a good snappy jab, and if he can use that to setup combinations he can hurt KSI. Second time around no head guards, so the punches will be felt with full force. If Logan can setup the right with good jabs and good combinations, he can hurt KSI, and he can definitely win by decision is he keeps the pressure on him and jabs every round. He just has to make sure he doesn’t gas out too early. Or doesn’t throw any crazy shots.
                                                                        Both men need to work on footwork, both have planted feet. JJ has a little more hop in his stance but only in spurts. KSI needs to throw the jab and straighten the right. He threw too many looping right hooks in the first fight. Logan has to not showboat so much now that it’ll be a pro fight because that doesn’t look good in front of judges. Overall, it should be a good fight worth the money. And if I’m right, I predict a knockout or at least a knockdown within the first 2 rounds 👍🏻

                                                                        • Mystic Mac
                                                                          Mystic Mac  4 months back

                                                                          I don't like logan, but i actually thought he won, he was way more dominant, would say he got better style in the fight aswell, ksi froze in there. I expexted alot more from ksi, he got pretty fukked in there

                                                                      • Diego Avila
                                                                        Diego Avila  4 months back

                                                                        Now go watch Mike Tyson lmao it’s crazy

                                                                        • Shanaz Kosar
                                                                          Shanaz Kosar  4 months back

                                                                          Us me as a liking button if you think Logan's gonna win

                                                                          • Larry Moorehouse
                                                                            Larry Moorehouse  3 months back

                                                                            JJ will knock logan down ko and of logan paul

                                                                          • Recon Snowflake
                                                                            Recon Snowflake  4 months back

                                                                            @Buimant It's just an opinion fam, there's nothing wrong in thinking Logan will win this year, it's all about the entertainment

                                                                          • Buimant
                                                                            Buimant  4 months back

                                                                            Fuck off

                                                                        • ASMR Montenegro Srbija Hrvatska Bosna

                                                                          Who is here before (part 2) and think Logan is going to destroy him? 🥊
                                                                          Respect KSI,but you are in trouble friend.

                                                                          • Jake Haslam
                                                                            Jake Haslam  5 months back

                                                                            The footage from ksi is from ages ago like 6 month ago ffs